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    How I can access the event?

    The event is in the online conference tool Hopin. All ticket holders have received instructions on how to access the conference via email on June 2nd. If you registered June 2nd or after, we send invites for new attendees every hour.

    I bought a ticket for the June event, but in the order confirmation is details about the September event. What should I do?

    No actions are needed from your side. As a result of a technical issue, some of the ticket holders have received tickets for the September event. We can see who has a ticket for the June event, and all ticket holders will receive login instructions before the conference begins.

    How I can join the Live Q&A

    Join the live Q&A by accessing the session. You can share your question in the chat section or be as a panelist by sharing your voice and video.

    Can I join the session?

    At the conference are two kinds of sessions.

    Tracks are moderated sessions, where you can watch the talks and join the discussion in the chat section.


    Live Q&As are open sessions. You can participate in open sessions in the chat or join the session by sharing your video on voice.

    How can I create a profile?

    You have to fill out your profile before you can join an event. When you create a Hoping account the first time, you will be led to fill your profile information.


    If you run into errors or you can't finish the process, try to reopen the browser and return to https://hopin.to. Then click "My Account" and go to the "Profile." There you can complete your profile information and join an event.

    I can't complete my profile

    If you keep receiving the following error while completing your profile: "There was an error, please contact support if continues" — you will probably be redirected back to the confirm page every time you click the event.


    To fix this, try to sight out of your Hopin account. Then go to the Hopin homepage, sign in and go to My Account. You can edit your information on "Profile" page in "My Account". Save and after that, you will be able to enter the event.

    Can I follow up with a person I met post-event?

    Yes, you can. During Hopin's Networking segment, you and your conversation partner choose whether to not you'd like to select "Connect". The connection won't be made if only one person selects Connect.


    If you both select Connect, you can find your connections in your Hopin account. From there you can select where you want to follow up with the person. There is always a possibility to delete the connection by selecting "Unmatch".

    Can I register the ticket after the conference has begun?

    Tickets are available until June 3rd. You can register your ticket after the conference started at our ticket store. The organizer will invite you to the conference platform after the order is processed.

    I missed a talk! Can I watch the sessions afterward?

    Things happen in life, and there is a possibility to miss the talk, or you want to get back to it afterward. Speaking sessions will be available after the conference to the ticket holders. The organizer will share more information after the conference end.

    Does Hopin work with all browsers?

    The recommended browsers are Chrome or Firefox. If possible, please avoid Brave, Safari, and Microsoft IE or Edge.

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