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What can API Management be?

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APIDays Finland was a great event in June 2019 hosted by the APIOps Community and APIDays Global.

Here are selected sessions about the API Management for you! 

Asmo Urpilainen from HiQ Finland guided the audience to the hybrid integration platform and API Management world through the practical case called Lähitaksi.

Modernization of the architecture does not touch only the software, it impacts to technology, design, and people and processes were the words Sami Koivisto, API Management, Integration & Development Specialist at IBM Cloud Finland started his session. His talk about the impact of microservices architecture on API management was worth listening! 

Future of API Management was Sanjeewa Malalgoda's, Architect and Assosiate Derector's at WSO2, topic at APIDays 2019. Session was build from what API Management is to discussion that is it decentralized in the future or not.

Three more posts on different industries represented in APIDays Finland 2019 are still coming so stay tuned!

Although it's only been a few months since this year event, we have already turned our gaze to next year. To stay up-to-date subscribe us or contact us at [email protected] We are already looking for sponsors and speaker application is open!

Meet 2019 sponsors: WSO2, IBM, Axway, and others

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