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Stop the (Printed) Press? - APIs Change Media Industry

Selected talks from APIDays Finland 2019

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APIDays Finland was a great event in 06/2019 hosted by the APIOps community and APIdays Global.

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Media industry in Finland has already found APIs as tools for internal architecture and connecting to public and private data sources, but can we learn someting from APIs published by an international media company? What does the industry look like by our French guest speakers?

In Which Extent are APIs a Strategic Tool for a Global News Agency? Zoé Leclerq-Müller, AFP

Why it was crucial for AFP, the Agence France-Presse, 3rd biggest news agency in the world to have APIs? At AFP, the marketing and software development teams are working closely together to make sure they provide trustworthy content as fast as possible.

APIs in the media industry: models and trends for 2019, Isabelle Reusa, API Expert

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API Economy 101 -book "Very clearly written book, excellent for me as a business person

Meet our 2019 sponsors: WSO2, IBM, Axway and others

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