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see you in sep 1-2 for the bigger APIdays Helsinki, all online

Minimum Viable Online apidays conference ever, apidays Helsinki June edition is over

We did it - first ever online apidays, apidays Helsinki June 2-3, 2020 edition. We had 300+ attendees and now we'll go bigger with double the amount of speakers in September and even more attendees. Here are some pictures behind the scenes of how we made this happen.

Spearks from the last Q&A session happy to answer audience questions!

We had a new platform which we had to switch to litterally 1,5 weeks before the event. Not ideal, and we had a few glitches on the first day and had to iron out somethings with the platform company, and it paid of. 

The 2nd day was smooth sailing with hugely improved quality , and we got lots of great feedback already about the quality of the program and discussion. Hope you were there and liked it too, or at least will share your feedback in our survey. If it's positive, do not hesitate to share it in social media, too :D

Here is how we did it. We had to cool down computers (see  Julia's with the book positioned strategically under the computer) because the video processing and all the multitasking was taking it's toll, even if we had quite efficient computers. 

Marjukka Niinioja's uncomfortable home studio - the bedroom cupboard doors acting as background as the real green screen on the floor refused to work.

Our summer intern doing support and monitoring, sometimes it was Lauri, sometimes apidays Global team Denis Durand, or Osaango's Marjukka and Julia handling the support.

Last minute force majure prevented Vlad Stirbu from MC:ing track 2 Q&A, but Merja Kajava and Julia Korpela step in to save the day!

See you in september!

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