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A world of opportunity through platform economy

Selected talks from APIDays Finland 2019 

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Platforms played a prominent role at APIDays Finland in June 2019 and event hosts APIOps Community and APIDays Global picked a few sessions for you to watch.

Animal business is big and grasp and that's why it's hard to understand for investors, says CEO of the Petsofi, Laura Laakso. Despite this, the animal business offers good opportunities to start a platform. But what can change in animal business with a platform? For a veterinarian, a platform can offer efficacy in treatments and better treatment outcomes and for a pet owner more options and decrease traveling and worrying among many other things. 

Marco Torregrossa, CEO of the Euro Freelancers, offered a dive into platform business and introduce four key platform business models through the examples. He put pipes and platforms against each others and open why ecosystem is the new supply chain, data is the new currency, and algorithms are the new decision makers. 

Marko Seppänen is a professor in Tampere University and co-author of API Economy 101 book, provided a research perspective to APIs in Platform economy. He shared recent topics that have been investigated recently and point out the importance of the research.

All the sessions are now available on APIDays YouTube Channel

Although it's only been a few months since this year event, we have already turned our gaze to next year. To stay up to date subscribe us or contact us [email protected] We are already looking for sponsors and speaker application is open! 

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