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Making of apidays helsinki 2020

A look behind the scenes by Marjukka Niinioja

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This year, everything is going online, including APIdays Helsinki conference. We are doing it in two parts, first a smaller one on June 2-3 and then a bigger one on September 1-2. 

In this blog I thought I'd take you behind the scenes of what's going into making something like this, especially when you last expected to do it. So right now 20 meetings later, 75% of speaker recordings done (read further to know how this works in the live event) and sponsor meetings mostly dusted, here are some insights.

Hanna Sillanpää from Abloy is telling how they "apified" the physical locks and keys and are now in the "access business" building connected smart living with their partners and customers. The picture is from May 19th recording session. It's going to be awesome on the IoT Ecosystems & APIs track on day 2. View full program here.

You would think an online event is easier to do than a traditional conference. At least you don't have to feed anyone else except yourself. But creating a big online event with a new concept and platform where everything is new to the global team is not easy. Imagine bad internet connections when some team members are stuck in Bali. Plus handling kid's schoolwork and meals and customers' remote working pains at the same time.


Switch on-site to 3 months further and then to online and then find out you are doing 2 online events! Keep speakers, sponsors, and attendees all in sync what's happening and how. With last-minute changes to technology and content.


But hey, it looks like we have made the learning-curve. We have an awesome 2-day event with 2 tracks each day (technology and humans willing). Think of the June 2-3 as the MVP (with a great program) while there will be more to come, APIdays Helsinki September edition will be even bigger.

The talks are pre-recorded but we'll have live discussion sessions after every 3 talks. Talks are presented according to the live program schedule. You can ask questions in the event chat and you can also talk with other participants and sponsors, and book 1-to-1 meetings with sponsors.

Julia from Osaango and Annelie from Software AG, one of our sponsors are catching up on a joint Finland-Sweden coffee session where Julia explains how the online conference platform is going to work.

Hey it looks like you read the whole article? As a personal thank you from me, I'd like to invite you to the June conference FREE with the code "MAKINGOF2020

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