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Healthcare, platforms, data and APIs - a match made in heaven?

Selected talks from APIDays Finland 2019

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APIDays Finland was a great event in 06/2019 hosted by the APIOps community and APIdays Global.

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Experiences from the Finnish Kanta PHR Ecosystem, Mikael Rinnetmäki, Sensotrend

When APIs and data are the thing that literally saves your life.... But how personal data is stored on national level and how integration with the Finnish national healthcare database works?

API’s in public healthcare – case Health Village, Aki Puustjärvi, HUS (Helsinki University Hospital)

Aki Puustjärvi tells first the big picture of the Finnish healthcare scene and how their APIs and digital platform fit in it.

What can change in animal business with a platform, Laura Laakso, Petsofi

Platforms can't usually exist without APIs, but in this talk we go deep into a case of platforms as business model, in veterinary services and animal health data.

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API Economy 101 -book "Very clearly written book, excellent for me as a business person

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