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Developer Experience on everyone's lips

Selected talks from APIDays Finland 2019

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APIDays Finland was a great event in June 2019 hosted by the APIOps Community and APIDays Global.

In this part of the video series we focus on Developer experience and API Development!

"Bad developer experience is the Joker of API Economy, burning billions of dollars while just watching the flames" said Developer Experience lead at Platform of Trust and co-author of API Economy 101 -book Jarkko Moilanen. API developer experience is build in many blocks and if you downplayed the importance you won't do that anymore. 

In many sessions, developer experience raised on the frame. API Developer Champion, Arto Oinonen, from OP Finance put Ad Hoc Development and API Strategy in Open Banking against each other. When thinking about developer experience what includes API design, authorization, authentication, and onboarding, documentation and so on. He emphasized the importance of the basement and giving developers the right tools they can actually use.

Allan Knabe from KONE finished his session with an interesting and important discussion about developer experience with the audience. He pointed out the role of the developer portal and pushed you to think about what is the developers' real role and who is the real customer.

Developer experience is a critical part of APIOps Cycles that Marjukka Niinioja, the founder partner of Osaango, introduced at APIDays. She points out ten issues companies face and how they can avoid them by using the method. 

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A few more posts on different industries represented in APIDays Finland 2019 are still coming so stay tuned!

Although it's only been a few months since this year event, we have already turned our gaze to next year. To stay up-to-date subscribe us or contact us at [email protected] We are already looking for sponsors and speaker application is open!

Meet 2019 sponsors: WSO2, IBM, Axway, and others

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