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Construction Business Boosted by Data, Platforms and APIs

Selected talks from APIDays Finland 2019

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APIDays Finland was a great event in 06/2019 hosted by the APIOps community and APIdays Global.

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Boosting Traditional Business by IoT and Analytics by Vesa Pirinen, YIT

We started APIDays Finland with a peak to the "real-world" and the opportunities that data can bring to business. IoT produces massive amount of data, but to analyze it you need to know the business needs and have a clear strategy. What does this all have to do with APIs? Well, you can't analyze and use in all that data in operations if you don't have APIs to do that. Plus, sometimes APIs are needed to control the IoT devices....

Data as the Driving Force of Real Estate Industry by Pirkka Frosti, Platform of Trust

While APIs are not only useful for collecting or analyzing data, having the right data where and when you need it is usually crucial for successful business case. But what to do when dealing with the one of the industries affected least by digitalization - Building and construction? 

Architecting Connected Buildings, What I Wish Someone Had Told Me, Hanna Pikkusaari, Kesko

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API Economy 101 -book "Very clearly written book, excellent for me as a business person

Meet our 2019 sponsors: WSO2, IBM, Axway and others

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