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Selected sessions from APIDays Finland 2019

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APIDays Finland was a great event in June 2019 hosted by the APIOps Community and APIDays Global.

In the last part of the video series, we picked sessions to you full of tips: how to win the deals with the APIs and how to pick the right AI API for your needs.

Emmelyn Wang, API Strategist at Axway, broke the API landscape into the layers. She introduced her view of platform strategy, cut that also in pieces and showed how many pieces are actually API driven in eyes opening the way and how to use those to win in local and global markets.

Oleksii Borysenko, DevNet developer at Cisco, session "How APIs Will Help to Win the Deals" starts with the discussion of the advantages and disadvantages APIs can give to you and he finnished the session by introducing the infrastructure API that brings together application developers and infrastructure developers.

Have you ever struggled when compared AI APIs from cloud platforms? Most of us have, and Merja Kajava, Founder and Senior Consultant at Aavista, provided tips and advice to facilitate comparison of options. Things to think about is among other things the preferred could platform vs. hybrid solution and who owns the data.

We hope you enjoyed and you get a lot out of these tips! We have already turned our gaze to next year. To stay up-to-date subscribe us or contact us at [email protected] We are already looking for sponsors and speaker application is open!

When waiting for next year, our reading suggestion is API Economy 101 -book!

Meet 2019 sponsors: WSO2, IBM, Axway, and others

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